Faith is an ongoing journey, and everyone's journey looks a little bit different. Whether you're new to faith or have been following Jesus for years, our hope for you is a growing relationship with Jesus. If you're looking to grow in your faith or feel stuck in your faith, Growth Trilogy is an experience designed just for you. Growth Trilogy is three experiences to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.


Expand your view of God
and yourself

Who is this for?
Someone who has a basic understanding of faith, and is looking to grow in their relationship with God.

What is it about?
Who God is and Who we are in Christ.


Discover the extravagent
grace of God

Who is this for?
Someone who has completed Phase 1, and wants to dig in deeper and spark soul-level growth.

What is it about?
Discovering how God has uniquely shaped you to receive his grace and freedom.


your faith

Who is this for?
Someone who has completed Phase 2, and is ready to grow in the calling Jesus gave his disciples to live out their faith.

What is it about?
Activating your faith and sharing the truth of God’s love with others.

Work Entry

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